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Find Face Socks For Holidays and Holiday-Themed Holidays at DivvyUp

Once you have decided which faces you want to put on your face socks, you need to find a decent picture of the face you would like to feature. Choose a closeup picture with a solid background so you can cut out the face easily. Most people don't get to see a mockup of their socks before purchasing them, but you don't have to worry. If you use the right tools, you should have no problem figuring out which face to use.

Santa Socks

Whether you want to adorn your feet with Santa face socks or your kids with cute little snowmen, you can find the perfect pair of holiday-themed faces in the Christmas spirit at DivvyUp. These sock companies are known for their wide selection of custom designs, and offer free shipping on orders over $69! You can also choose between high tube and ankle socks for the perfect holiday gift! The possibilities are endless!


Customers may request a refund for damaged products from My FaceSocks when contacting customer service. However, if a customer experiences an issue with a MakeFaceSocks product, they must follow the company's policies, which are outlined in the company's customer satisfaction policy. These policies cover any problems that arise with the product, including shipping and customs fees. Customers should note that refunds may not exceed the price of the original order.

Pet Party

If you're looking for custom pet socks for your next party, consider purchasing dog face socks for your guests. The pet-themed sock companies offer great prices and quality material. You can upload your dog's face and favorite pop-culture characters to personalize each pair. Then, choose from more than 50 different background patterns to make each pair unique. Once you've chosen the design you want, select colors and sizes to get started.

My Photo Socks

My Photo Socks custom face socks come in a variety of different designs and are made from breathable, soft fabric. They feature an arch support for comfort and are hard-wearing. Choose from three different sizes and design your perfect pair of face socks with a few clicks. There are also several different colors and designs to choose from, including dog socks, cat socks, and custom socks. Custom face socks are a perfect way to express your personal style and express your creativity!

Divvy Up

DivvyUp face socks are available in a wide variety of colors and themes. The company offers free shipping and an easy-to-use online system for customizing the product. The company also offers a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large. The socks are also made of a soft blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex that allows the socks to remain sharp even when stretched. The company's goal is to sell one million pairs by the end of this year.

Super Socks

You've seen these awesome socks with face designs, and you can now get them yourself. The perfect gift for your favorite sports fan, these face socks will keep your feet warm and dry. They come in different styles, colors, and themes. They come in adult and children's sizes, too! And they're charitable, too! You can donate your socks to a charity of your choice and still get a great pair of face socks!


Photo socks are a great way to capture your special moments, and you can create them yourself with the all-over print technique. These photo socks can feature up to four faces, and you can even get a pet-themed pair. The best part is that they cost less than $25! And, because they're so comfortable, you can wear them all day long. Just be sure to order the right size for your feet!

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