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Each student interested in social studies plans to first get acquainted with the structure of the essay. Although the other tasks are no less important. Do not refuse to analyze the requirements of the higher education institutions themselves. The exam itself remains one of the most popular destinations among applicants. Therefore, it is important to understand how to act to get the highest scores.

Revealing the chosen topic, students should rely on social science knowledge. Their main areas include:

  1. Personal experience.

  2. Description of films, theatrical productions.

  3. Examples from literary, historical sources.

  4. Real events related to public life.

The task itself can be called alternative. This means that every participant has the right to choose. That is, he can choose a specific topic for his presentation. The task contains 5 statements that relate to one of the following thematic blocks:

  • Jurisprudence.

  • Political science.

  • Sociology.

  • Economy.

  • Philosophy.

Of the 235 minutes for the essay test, it is recommended to allocate at least 30-45. But teachers in practice recommend increasing this time so that it is at least 60-90 minutes. Then a little less than 3 hours remain for the test part, which is enough for most students. Some tutors like advise starting with mini essays. Essays are easier to write at first due to more efficient brain work during the specified time. After three hours of being in the classroom, it will be easier to decide on the answers to the tests.

It is important to write in as legible a handwriting as possible, because the second part is evaluated only by experts.

The criteria for checking essays will be as follows:

  1. The quality, relevance of the facts or examples given.

  2. content in a theoretical sense.

  3. Explanation of key concepts.

  4. Revealing the meaning of statements.

In the absence of explanations, most items are given 0. This reduces the overall score.

150-450 words is the recommended amount of text that you need to keep within. It is optimal when the essay is close to 350 words. Usually it is 2-3 sheets with the average size of the letters used.

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