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What to write in conclusion First of all, name the place where you did your internship (full name). Describe the scope and direction of your place of practice. Describe the organization in your own words, based on the lectures you have been given. Remember what goals and objectives you set at the beginning of the work, in the introduction. Analyze them. For example, in the introduction you identified 4 tasks. So, in conclusion, you should describe the results of all four tasks can help you write my paper. For ease of reading, allocate one small paragraph to describe how you did each of them. If you managed to complete all of the planned, indicate this in the conclusion. If something could not be done, explain the reason, offer solutions to the problems that have arisen. The passage of educational practice is aimed at learning theory more than practical skills. List what documents, books, magazines you had to work with, what new things you learned from the literature you read. Features of writing a conclusion in a report

  • If the main part of the work is voluminous and consists of several sections, copy the conclusions to the sections and rephrase them in conclusion.

  • The conclusion coincides in volume with the introduction - approximately 1-2 sheets.

  • Always write your work yourself, from start to finish. Even if the report is not checked for plagiarism, an experienced teacher will always see that you have copied pieces from other people's work. In addition, two students in the same practice can perform different tasks.

  • Express your personal opinion about the past practice. Did it help to consolidate the knowledge acquired within the framework of the educational institution? Will the acquired knowledge and skills be useful in future professional activities? Feel free to talk about something that did not suit you. If there were difficulties, describe how you dealt with them.

Rules for issuing a conclusion The conclusion is written according to the same rules as the entire report listed on It is important to take into account all the rules so that the document looks presentable. Practice reports are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of methodology, which read:

  • Times New Roman font;

  • size 14;

  • single line spacing;

  • sections and subsections are in bold type;

  • indent left - 30, right. top and bottom - 20;

  • words are not transferred. If you follow all these design rules, then there will be no unnecessary questions for the report and the manager will accept it the first time.

This is a generalized version of the conclusion about the passage of educational practice. It contains the main points that affect the assessment. How to write a report on practice, read at educational blog If all of the above is correctly described in the report, then it is written correctly and can qualify for an “excellent” rating.

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