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Death Grips Merch , "Government Plates," the group released a 30-minute video entitled "Interview." In the video, the late actress Karen Black reads a script from the movie script that Hill allegedly makes. It's unclear how much of the movie the band is making - but it's a hint, so it's hard to say. If Death Grips' visual style and music style are in sync with each other, it will be a masterpiece.

The visual style of Death Grips is reminiscent of the work of MC Ride, whose music videos are notoriously difficult to make. It's not surprising, then, that he's been a collaborator with Burnett for many years. The music video is passed through motion effects and filters to produce a more ethereal sound. He also heavily degrades graphics to make them more visually striking. This visual style also features found imagery, which creates a tension between themes and ideas.

The group broke up last October, but still had plans to tour the world. Nine Inch Nails were scheduled to open their tour in early 2016. While this was a disappointment to Death Grips fans, the group's fans treat being stood up by them as a badge of honor. In contrast, Guns N' Roses fans rioted when the band cut their performance short. This is a testament to the band's talent.



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